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Shut Down, Shut Up

July 15, 2011

Dr. Tormey’s House of Blimey

July 23, 2010

We’re returning to the literary effusions of my local Fine Gael councillor today. I was trying to compose a witty and succinct preamble to this post, but mere words bounce off Dr. Tormey’s impenetrable carapace of prose like bullets off a robot. So here’s a visual summation instead:


Where to start? How about here:

Fine Gael Women – Usually most attractive – Just as well Berlusconi is not Taoiseach! I will name a few stalwarts of Fine Gael in my time. Nuala Fennell was very much her own woman and very active in advancing women’s rights in Ireland. Monica Barnes was the real female standard bearer of liberal social democracy in Dun Laoghaire in the 1980s. ( Barry Desmond calm down – I wrote female!). Nora Owen was the Minister for Justice who introduced the Criminal Assets Bureau to the underworld to great effect and the good work still continues. Nora is a political icon for me. Her sister Mary Banotti was an MEP for Dublin and was an exemplary principled woman representing tolerance and decency in Europe.

That “in my time” is a touch disingenuous. Evidently, none of these fine women were iconic, liberal or, er, attractive enough to persuade Dr. Bill to join their party, which he didn’t do until all of them had left public office.

HERE are Bill’s VIEWS on THE contretemps between ENDA Kenny AND Lucinda CREIGHTON:

Lucinda clearly has my RESPECT.

Enda has my support as LEADER and also my RESPECT.

I LIKE both of them.

So lets do a Steve McQueen and take some time out in the cooler.

Enda, Lucyloo – Bill says Cool It.

LUCYLOO is of an age where she can join the CHUCKIES (tiocfaith ar la)ie wait.

For Enda and myself (59 and counting) THE TIME IS NOW.

And finally, Bill demonstrates that self-awareness and a sense of irony are not qualities which unduly burden the political careerist:

Enda Kenny is not a lover of sycophants and has told me so himself.

The Joy of Thursday

May 6, 2010

Much too angry about the shit going down in the country (especially this) to post anything coherent, so I decided to make an humorous video about Paul Doolin to take my mind off it.