I come from North Dublin and I’m a socialist, and have been all my adult life. I believe Marx was the Newton of the social sciences, but I am not a Marxist within the meaning of the Act. I find common cause with some Trotskyist parties, but I am not a Trotskyist.  I despise nationalism in all its forms, as the most murderous manifestation of chauvinism ever conceived, and the third worst idea in history after capitalism and the silver goal rule.

In other words, were I an Irish political party, I would have longago  split into several Trotskyist factions, a liberal reformist study group, a timorous huddle of libertarian anarchists and an ideologically indeterminate formation primarily concerned with denouncing the foregoing.

Outside of politics (and I emphatically believe that such a sphere exists), my interests lie mostly in football (esp. domestic), literature (esp. foreign), cinema and cricket. I have something of an obsessive, monomaniacal personality, shackled to an atrophied attention span. This will be abundantly apparent from my writings.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hobbes Says:


    I’m starting a new socialist blog called Rosa’s Ghost. I
    was hoping you might add it to your links page. It would be a great
    help. Thanks in advance.


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