Friday Quiz

Have a crack at the following. Multiple choice, no second preferences.

1: [The social welfare budget/Living on €196 a week] is just not sustainable in the long term.

2: We have to give [people/the markets] confidence about where their next [meal/billion] is coming from.

3: We are where we are, so [we must keep doing what we did/we should try something different.]

4: [Funding hospitals/Negligible corporation tax] is an indispensable part of who we are as a nation.

5: [Ordinary working people/Bondholders] are holding the country to ransom by [defending their livelihoods/trying to recoup their gambling losses.]

6: [Anglo Irish Bank/Care for sick children] is of national systemic importance and must be preserved at all costs.

7: [Social Welfare fraud/Systematic tax evasion] is flagrantly, demonstrably a bigger problem than [Social Welfare fraud/systematic tax evasion] and must be policed ruthlessly.

8: Our native economists and newspaper pundits called the crisis completely wrong, so we should [keep doing their bidding/tell them to go fuck themselves.]

9: An annual publicly-funded salary of €630,000 means you’re [perfectly placed to demand the impoverishment of the low-paid/an horrendous hypocrite to dare open your mouth on the subject.]

10: The only thing better than two parties pursuing a failed neoliberal agenda is [four parties pursuing a failed neoliberal agenda/kicking the lot of them out.]

11: In supporting NAMA, the European Commission is [helping us out of crisis as promised prior to Lisbon II/condemning us to penury as promised prior to Lisbon II.]

How did you do? (You expect me to give you the answers? What are you, some kind of communist?) Award yourself a year’s subscription to the Sunday Independent, membership of the Labour Party or a tray of Molotov cocktails as appropriate. And don’t hog the cocktails.


3 Responses to “Friday Quiz”

  1. Irish Left Review · Friday Quiz by DublinDilettante Says:

    […] DublinDilettante | Friday Quiz […]

  2. Charlie Williams Says:

    Wow I got all of them right.
    Where is my promised membership of the Sunday Molotov?

  3. opus diablos Says:

    Yep.Stoopiditty got us into this mess, so why cant it get us out….????

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