Area social democrat upholds proud traditions of party


…by posing with a fistful of readies in front of the Jim Larkin statue to promote a gambling company.

I know Lacey rivals Aodhán Ó Ríordáin for the title of Labour village idiot, but even he should have realised that using a hero of the labour movement as a backdrop for an advertisement promoting (a) Dermot Lacey and (b) a massive betting PLC, here personified by a grinning imbecile, was grotesquely inappropriate. Perhaps more tellingly, if any voices of censure have emerged from the party ranks, I haven’t heard them.

Lacey would probably cite in his defence the fact that the bet was placed on behalf of The Royal Hospital, Donnbyrook. But before you start besieging John Gormley with demands to bring forward the coronation of this champion of charity, consider the following figures.

Successful €500 bet @ 6/4: €1,250
Paddy Power profits in 2009: €67,200,000

Dignity sure does come cheap in the Labour Party.


7 Responses to “Area social democrat upholds proud traditions of party”

  1. irishelectionliterature Says:

    That’s fairly crass alright.
    Not alone it being Jim Larkin and what he stood for but also the fact that in 1927 he was declared bankrupt (and thus unable to take the seat he won for The Irish Workers League in the Dail).

  2. Mark P Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ.

  3. CMK Says:

    Thanks for this. Simultaneously hilarious and deeply depressing. Succinctly illustrates why no self-respecting socialist should ever vote Labour. But that’s another day’s work.

    Who’s the grinning gimp holding the Paddy Power poster? Is it the bould Paddy himself? Or is it Aodhán?

  4. File under: Put head in hands and weep… « The Cedar Lounge Revolution Says:

    […] in Irish Politics, The Left. trackback Kudos as ever to DublinDilettante for noticing this depressing […]

  5. CMK Says:

    Cheers, good to know.

    I’m sure Dermo thoroughly researched Paddy Power before this was taken.

    What with him being, like, you know, a Labour politician, and all that.

    Because a nano-second googling will reveal that PP were, and maybe still are, not a particularly nice outfit to work for.

    But, of course, in the moderdin Labour Party that ‘oul nonsense about workers rights is best left in the past. After all, as acceptance of Croke Park by SIPTU and IMPACT demonstrates, workers are eager to fuck themselves over, without the boss having to lift a finger.

  6. Bill Tormey Says:

    Who pays the money to fund the €19 billion budget deficit this year?

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