Sellout, bailout, blackout?

What a fucking day. Started with the unions’ unconditional surrender, continued with the unimaginable, incomprehensible, unconscionable extent of the government’s economic sabotage becoming evident, and it’s ending with national grid problems which are extinguishing traffic lights in the city centre and making my own bulbs flicker.

The lights are going out all over Dublin. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.


3 Responses to “Sellout, bailout, blackout?”

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    If it wasn’t so effin’ serious that would almost be the perfect end to the day – no?

  2. LeftAtTheCross Says:

    Shhh, don’t mention the unseasonably bad weather or the Green Party will start justifying their position in government…

  3. ejh Says:

    Still, Man U went down to an injury-time winner, though I suppose they’ll win through in the second leg…

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