And another thing…

The heroic struggle of Limerick vintners to preserve punters from the ordeal of enduring a rugby match sober has been much in the news this week. One target has been left singularly untouched by the fusillades from either side in the church-state conflict over the issue (which, I must confess, leaves me cold; the Catholic church is a spent force in Irish society, and no vestigial of its former influence is going to re-animate it, not even at Easter.)

Namely, the real scandal at the heart of this issue; the pathological inability of the Irish people to stay off the booze for twenty-four hours without going into seizures.

Replace dry Good Fridays with a secular Anti-Alcoholism Day, that’s what I say. No alcohol to be sold anywhere, no exemptions, free public transport to family entertainments, and some open-air festivities around the country.


5 Responses to “And another thing…”

  1. WorldbyStorm Says:

    Sounds good to me. I like a beer. But I also like not having a beer. I met up with an esteemed colleague from the CLR recently and somehow we both managed across an evening in Dublin city in various pubs to eschew pints. The only downside, as the volume on music increased it became increasingly more difficult to have a serious conversation.

    • DublinDilettante Says:

      I think what that flags up is the total inadequacy of pubs as social spaces for non-drinkers.

      I’ll tell you an odd one, WBS, I have some Turkish friends in their twenties who are deadly serious about abstaining from alcohol in accordance with their religion, but entirely relaxed about pre-marital sex. I think we have our inhibitions the wrong way round in this country…

  2. WorldbyStorm Says:

    In the past, most certainly. Still I wonder are people inhibited about premarital sex these days, I mean people under the age of 50?

  3. DublinDilettante Says:

    They’re not, but consider this: Where I come from (north Dublin), it remains a common (though dwindling) practice for a father to take his son drinking on his 18th birthday. I can’t imagine too many dads bringing their kids to a brothel on their 17th. There is no stigma attached to drinking or drunkenness in our society, whereas the nod-and-wink culture regarding sex is a major contributor to the relative (albeit exaggerated) prevalence of teenage pregnancy and STIs.

  4. WorldbyStorm Says:

    That’s a very fair point.

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