Okay, this is just odd…

To mark the showing of Michaels Moore’s new film Capitalism: A Love Story the People Before Profit Alliance today 20th February 2010 held a street theatre performance of Capitalism: An Irish Love Story outside the Savoy Cinema in O Connell Street which is being shown as part of the Jameson Film Festival.

I’m not really sure what to say, except that the distinction between street theatre and public displays of mental illness is obviously a nuanced one.

I jest, it’s a very laudable message, obviously. It’s just that…the teeth of those involved are a little long for this kind of caper. It looks less like a cheeky demonstration of agitprop and more like a synchronised mid-life crisis.

Speaking of all things filmic, the IFTAs last night would have been a good opportunity for a Shell2Sea demo, with Paul Williams’s ludicrous propaganda documentary having been nominated (clearly for political reasons, as it was a badly put-together piece of shit.) Bit surprised there was no intervention, I might have deigned to put in an appearance myself.


One Response to “Okay, this is just odd…”

  1. Mark P Says:

    Ah, now, you’re being a bit cruel.

    (Although I will admit to doing my level best to get out of any “street theatre” events)

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