People Get Ready

Many thanks to Mr, Mrs or Ms. E over on Indymedia for linking to this PBPA newsletter which appears to confirm that Joan Collins will be the alliance’s candidate in Dublin South Central at the next general election. There had been, as you may recall, some speculation that Bríd Smith’s nomination as mayoral candidate might have indicated that PBPA were preparing to ease Collins out of the reckoning to allow Smith a clear run at the General Election.

The clarification is welcome, but to accept that the present arrangement makes more sense than the hypothetical one above is not to accept that it makes perfect sense. Cllr. Smith, after all, has no chance of winning the mayoral election (which has now been postponed until some indeterminate time in the autumn by Man of Action John Gormley.) Any recognition or momentum her campaign generates is unlikely to transfer to Cllr. Collins, who would be forced to campaign from scratch (outside her ward) at the General Election. Of course, the brains trust may also have hit upon the notion of running Smith in a different constituency.

PS: Vain will be your search for the words “socialist” or “socialism” in that Ballyfermot leaflet, although its fundamentals are sound enough. Not that the banner “17% less pay in your pocket? 17% less cooperation at work!” is going to freeze any blue blood.


One Response to “People Get Ready”

  1. Mark P Says:

    It seems that Brid will be running a long election campaign.

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