Allow me to introduce myself

I come from North Dublin and I’m a socialist, and have been all my adult life. I believe Marx was the Newton of the social sciences, but I am not a Marxist within the meaning of the Act. I find common cause with some Trotskyist parties, but I am not a Trotskyist.  I despise nationalism in all its forms, as the most murderous manifestation of chauvinism ever conceived, and the third worst idea in history after capitalism and the silver goal rule.

In other words, were I an Irish political party, I would have long ago  split into several Trotskyist factions, a liberal reformist study group, a timorous huddle of libertarian anarchists and an ideologically indeterminate formation primarily concerned with denouncing the foregoing.

Outside of politics (and I emphatically believe that such a sphere exists), my interests lie mostly in football (esp. domestic), literature (esp. foreign), cinema and cricket. I have something of an obsessive, monomaniacal personality, shackled to an atrophied attention span. This will be abundantly apparent from my writings.

I am a socialist because I believe that neoliberal capitalism is not only wicked, unjust and potentially lethal to humanity, but that its shibboleths and gospels are so inextricably entrenched within the social and political structures of our society that they have poisoned and corrupted them beyond salvation. Therefore, those structures must be built anew or replaced entirely.

I also believe that capitalism is immoral, and make no apology for saying so. Amongst the left, the very concept of morality is a contentious and precarious one. My own belief is that the capacity to suffer and the experience of suffering is something that is understood by us all (score one for the Buddhists), as is the knowledge that we are engendering that suffering in others. Therefore, to cause others to suffer gratuitously in full cognisance of what that entails is my personal definition of immorality. It serves me well enough.


4 Responses to “Allow me to introduce myself”

  1. Cass Flower Says:

    Hi dublindilettante – I followed your comment on CLR to here – this is an invitation to drop in to Tok, for discussion or virtual tea, at any time (if you’re not already doing so).
    The question of why socialism seems to have morality, as well as history on its side, is one on my mind too. I used to have a view of history as inevitable progress, but I wouldn’t see it that way any more…

  2. Mark P Says:

    Good to see another Irish left blog starting!

  3. dublindilettante Says:

    Cheers Cass, Mark! I’ve had a look at Tok since I saw it mentioned on Indymedia, I drop by occasionally. Was always a bit ambivalent about, hopefully Tok will turn out better.

    Mark, thanks for the good wishes. I know it’s a crowded market I’m muscling in on, it’s a good thing I don’t believe in the market! Basically started up a blog to get some anger out, stop my writing skills from atrophying and prevent myself from derailing threads on other blogs with my discursive rambling. I love the culture on CLR, I think there’s a telling difference between it and the right-wing blogs insofar as the latter tend to be cult-of-personality vanity projects. On CLR, posts themselves are just the opening salvo in a comradely debate encompassing many shades of political thought. That’s invaluable IMO.

  4. Cass Flower Says:

    lol! You may have a point if you’re saying that the blog is a part of the cult of the individual – and that may be why true left blogs, that express the person as well as the viewpoint, are unusual.

    On Tok! – it certainly aims to be a very different place to, – the plan is for a forum for serious and robust debate, without abusiveness. I think its important to have both debate within the left, and across party lines. The left, when it remains in the enclave, tends to end up repeating mantras and lose the capacity to develop and defend positions against serious attack.

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